Breakfast for New Tech Students.

New Tech Students getting breakfast that the teachers put together.

New Tech Students getting breakfast that the teachers put together.

By Sabrina Martin


New Tech had a breakfast buffet on October 16, 2014. The teachers that decided to do it were Mr. Goodman, Mr. Kamm, Ms. Orr, and Mr. Wills.

“I think it was cool and nice of them to do that, I liked it because we got to sit with our friends and eat,” said 8th grader Kira Rivet I don’t think the high schoolers thought it was fair.

“I think they should have a breakfast like that for each grade level or we should have teachers do that for us,” said sophomore Jason Maas. The breakfast had various choices of food.

“They had salsa shredded cheese, tortilla shells, eggs, sausage, and apple cider,” said 8th grader Tyeisha Morgan. The teachers felt that the kids deserve an award for all the hard work they do.

“We wanted to reward the kids for how hard they’ve been working, we wanted to show them that werent not just here to teach and that we care,” said middle school teacher Sheila Orr.

Even though there are a few middle schoolers they are still apart of Everett and they have also been working hard in school, they have been working on different cultures right now and also have been making making a PSA about severe weather. They are working towards being an useful part of Everett.

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