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By Erin Arnold



As football season is coming to an end, basketball season is quickly approaching.

Freshman coach Dave Jones said he is ready for a new season.

“Every year brings new challenges to develop and change players,” said Jones. “It’s exciting.”

Jones also explained what type of player he is looking for on the freshman team.

“[Im looking for a player] who is coachable, [who has] good character, [and] has good grades,” said Jones. He also said he looks at their “overall talent, their work ethic.”

Basketball conditioning just started, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-9pm. They only condition on Thursday if there isn’t a home volleyball game.

Four-year varsity player Deshae Doll goes to conditioning and he says that it helps you a lot.

“[Conditioning] gets you in shape for the season and helps your endurance,” said Doll.

Freshman Justin Stewart is interested in playing basketball but he can’t go to the conditioning at the moment.

“[I can’t go to conditioning] because of football,” said Stewart.

Stewart said his prior experience helps prepare himself for this new season.

“I play on the AAU travel team, I was on the varsity summer league for Everett, [and] I’m one of the top 25 players in Michigan,’” said Stewart.

Freshman Jacquez Stewart also said that he can’t make it to conditioning because of football.

Since he played on the varsity summer league for Everett though, he has everything situated.

“[The varsity coach] told me I had to play on JV first and then I’ll probably play on varsity near the end of the season,” said Jacquez Stewart.

Senior Varsity basketball player Aaron Jackson gave the freshman some advice about playing basketball.

“[Players] should have heart, strive to be better.” says Jackson “If you don’t give 110% on the court then why play?”

Tryouts for boys’ basketball start on November 17.













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