Home opener rain out dissapointment

Brianna Billard
The Everett marching band prepares for hours for the very first home football game of the season, practicing The National Anthem, their pregame song, and the halftime show. As the new drum majors, sophomore Charles Timms, and senior An Nguyen, led the band out for the pregame show, lightning struck and the fans, band members, and football players said they felt crushed.
“It was disappointing because we were in the middle of our new pregame,” said senior marching band member Crystal Robertson. “We didn’t even get to finish,”
When the lightning struck, it was only supposed to be a delay. As fans fled the stadium and the players and coaches walked to the locker room, it started to pour down rain. In the locker room, the Vikings went over more plays for the game ahead of them. Senior Leondre (Damon) Terry said he still felt like he was still going to play.
When head football coach, Marcelle Carruthers asked if the boys were willing to kick off at 10:00pm, they all replied “Yes, coach.”
“Even after the delay and all that was going on, I stayed focused on the game ready to play,” said senior Kaleb Parker.
When the eventual decision was made to play Saturday morning, instead of Friday night, people were not happy.
“We were told that we were going to play around 10:00 P.M. so we were still optimistic..” said senior Marvin Wright. “We were excited to play in front of everyone, so that was upsetting too.”
Not only were the football players bummed out about the cancelled game, but the fans were as well.
“I got there at 7:00 and didn’t leave until 9:30, I wanted to see them play rain or shine,” said senior Alexis Morrison.
The game cancellation was a shock to all, but especially to Wright.
“The game being cancelled never really came in my mind. I’ve never even heard of a high school game getting cancelled before,” said Wright, “We went through warm ups, and did all of the pre game stuff just for it to be delayed until the next morning.”
In the end, Everett went on to crush Jackson Saturday morning, 42-0, to a smaller but enthusiastic crowd.

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