Your Voice: Dress code is unreasonable

Na’Ticka Kinley


The weather is starting to break and the dress code for girls and boys are starting to come into effect. Students are violating the dress code even more by wearing short shorts, tank tops, mini skirts and crop tops. They’re being sent home for not following the rules. But in honesty what is wrong with wearing shirts that show your shoulder? or is it just halter tops are the ones that are the problem. In my opinion I don’t see anything wrong with wearing shirts that show your shoulders, but it being as an halter top I can because there are a lot of guys that can have kid like mentality towards girls and that’s where the problem comes in the wearing of the halter tops.

But then again when the stores start selling summer clothes when the weather breaks that’s all of what students are going to buy, so that’s why they wear them at school. Even parents sometimes have a problem with the school sending their child home because of they are wearing and they feel if they seen their child walk out the house like that then no one else should have a say in what their child wears but them.

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