Snapshot: Leila Rotschy

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There’s a lot about some teachers that you would have never guessed. It’s hard to think about your teacher having a life outside of school but it’s true, they do.

Spanish teacher, Leila Rotschy is more of an outside and active person, rather than just being in the house all day watching TV and being lazy.

“I’m outdoorsy. I backpack, and climb mountains. The thing I like about climbing mountains is the scenery once you get up there. It’s hard, and I like that,” said Rotschy.

She is a Spanish teacher but she’s studied some other languages too.

“I have studied French and Chinese. Chinese is really hard and it takes forever to learn. French is a lot like Spanish, fast paced and you can catch on quickly. I also studied linguistics, it was extremely interesting.”

Besides studying languages and being outdoors climbing mountains all the time, she also likes to spend time indoors with her dog.

“I don’t have any kids but I have a dog, my dog is my kid. I enjoy his company,” she said.

Being at Everett High School after coming from Washington could be difficult but she’s been here for a couple years now and she’s adapted and she enjoys her job here.

“My favorite thing about teaching is making a bond with students and getting to know people. I really enjoy conversations with students,” said Rotschy.

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