Parent teacher conferences held in cafeteria tonight

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Mid-Marking grades have already been sent out for students here at Everett. Mid-Marking period grades are basically to show your parent/guardian your progress right now in your classes. With that being done, that  means parent-teacher conferences are approaching. Conferences will be taking place in the cafeteria. All the teachers will be located in the cafeteria for the conferences with the parents, with the exception of two classrooms.

There will only be two classrooms open during the conferences. These two classrooms will be open due to asking for this special request to keep their room open. There will be one classroom open to show student presentations. The second classroom will be for the ASD students. Other than those two classrooms the rest of the conferences will stay in the cafeteria.

Until last year at Everett all conferences took place in the cafeteria, but last time conferences

occurred, things changed and they were held in the classrooms. This time around it is being switched around again and taking place in the cafeteria.

“Last year parents took a survey and it was 50/50. 50% liked classroom conferences and 50% prefered the cafeteria conferences. So we decided to have one conference in the cafeteria this year because the first conference this year took place in the classrooms.” said Assistant principal Ms.Cheadle-Holt

The reasoning that the conferences are taking place in the cafeteria is because it offers some benefits for the parents.The benefits that come out of the conferences taking place in the cafeteria is that parents will easily be able to move around to different areas to talk to different teachers. Parents do not have to walk to different floors for different teachers that are already wrapped around with lines of other parents, when they can easily walk to different teachers in the cafeteria without having to go up the stairs and deal with hassle. Another benefit from the cafeteria conference is the time management. Parents spend more time in the classrooms, and that leads to commotion which leads to upset parents.

”When we went to going to the classrooms the idea was that the parents can see the classroom environment and get more privacy. What we noticed is that the wait time is longer in the classrooms because parents stay in their longer.” said Ms.Cheadle-Holt

Conference will be held Wednesday February 26 from 4-7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. Come parents, join us in participating and find out what is going on with your child here at Everett.

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