Your Voice: Random hall sweeps scare student into getting to class on time

Haley Buskulic

Opinion Editor

This morning the administration announced that there would be random hall sweeps.

The point of hall sweeps is to scare students into getting to class on time, and now they are picking random times. I feel the only reason they are doing it randomly is to catch more people off guard.

Other students feel that hall sweeps aren’t worth the time and effort that goes into them.

“Hall sweeps are stupid, and when I’m gonna be one minute late they make me miss half the class,” senior Abby Barrios.

So why do we have random hall sweeps? According to public safety officer John Pentecost (JP), the administration decided to do random hall sweeps due to the fact that students were taking the escort rule as a joke and there needs to be some type of consequence when a student is being truant.

So there are some reasons behind the administration’s rules and regulations, so I guess if more students went to class on time Everett wouldn’t have random hall sweeps.

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