Ballinger wins Polar Plunge fundraiser, will dive on Sunday

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How would you like to see a teacher or staff member jump into ice cold water? Polar Plunge volunteers take pledges to raise money for Special Olympics. The volunteer with the most pledges has to jump into the ice cold water at Eagle Eye Golf Club on February 23 at 1pm.

Students and staff members during their lunches pledged for the person they want to jump. “I Pledged to ballinger because I wanted to help out project unify because it is such a great cause,” said senior Monique Trigo.

This year, eight staff members volunteered for the Polar Plunge. Liz Ballinger, Natalie Ward, Sheila Orr, David Schmidt, Christi McGonigal, Paul MacDowell, Mark Langschwager, and Aaron Bales all took a chance that they would be the top fundraiser and have to take the plunge. When it was all over,  Ballinger got the most pledges and on February 23 she has to jump into the ice cold water.

“From what the kids told me I had a feeling I’d win. I hate the cold but it’s for a good cause,” said Ballinger, varsity coach of girls’ basketball and softball

Everett raised $200 for Project Unify. Ballinger’s pledges added up to $61.09 and Mark’s added up to $55.95. Mark Langschwager pledged  20$ to put Ballinger in the lead.

“I pledged 20$ to Ballinger because I didn’t want to jump and it is for a good cause that is why I volunteered,” said security guard Mark Langschwager.

Polar plunge raises money for special olympics. Special olympics gives participants an opportunity to experience friendship, physical fitness and the chance to feel what it’s like to be apart of a sport.

Polar plunge is really important because it is special olympics of michigan main fundraiser.

“Special Olympics is funded almost entirely through donations so Special Olympic athletes can participate in all sports entirely free of cost,” said Amy Robinson, teacher of deaf and hard of hearing.


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