Your Voice: Too cold for winter sports

Brianna Billard

Online Editor

The below freezing temperatures have made it a very unenjoyable winter. Winter in Michigan is already freezing, and the double digit negative temperatures have made it even worse!
Even for the people that usually enjoy winter, they’ve been pretty miserable this year. It’s become so cold that no one wants to open their front door. No sledding, outdoor ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, etc. According to, with temperatures down to -19F, you can get frostbite in about 30 minutes.
The good news is that the days are getting longer by three minutes each day. The sun is getting brighter and in a week and a half the groundhog will tell us how many weeks of winter we have left.
Mother nature showed no mercy this winter, you can’t do anything to change the weather, all you can do is bundle up and wait for spring.

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