Your Voice: Finals exemptions should be permitted

Azalea Miller

Features Editor

Two years ago, students were allowed to have exemptions because of the grade they received in the class or an assignment they did and most of the class didn’t ie; reviews. Now students are forced to sit in a class that they know everything about for nearly two hours twiddling their thumbs or using their thumbs for another purpose, cellphones. Which breaks a even bigger district wide rule of cellphone usage.
Although there won’t be exemptions in college faculty has no choice but to allow A.) sleeping in class B.) texting or C.) talking, all of which on a regular bases is not allowed. Why are we allowed to do this? Students can’t get exempt so they come into the class, exam day (Or they fail) take the exam they practically know all the answers to and occupy the remaining 45 minutes doing something that has been ‘prohibited’ since the first day of school.
Is it only for a week of the whole school year right? You give them a rope and they’ll hang themselves, meaning if it happens once, the student mentality is “I did it before so, I’ll do it again.” next thing you know, teachers and faculty are spending more time telling students to , “wake up,” “pay attention,” and “stop looking in your lap,” then they are talking about the leaning criteria. By allowing exemptions it shows students that hard work does pay off and it automatically eliminates any further rule breaking.

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