Duong to test for black belt in spring

Hailey Cleveland

Entertainment Editor

Senior David Duong has been working hard to earn his Black Belt in Taekwondo since sophomore year.
If he keeps up with his workout routines and training he should receive it by early April.
“I just have to keep working hard, I’m excited for this opportunity even though it’s very nerve racking,” said Duong.
The test is physically demanding and lasts for two consecutive hours, it takes a lot of focus and determination.
Doung also said Mr. Seminski makes Taekwondo very enjoyable and is a great teacher that he loves learning from.

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One thought on “Duong to test for black belt in spring

  • January 15, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    Go EVerett TKD!!!!!!!!! 17 years of taekwondo @ Everett High School. The first high school in the country to offer taekwondo as a curriculum option for both phys. ed. credit and the possibility of earning a black belt!!!!!! Pretty damn cool!


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