Your Voice: LSJ writers don’t give Everett enough credit

Lucas Barner

Sports Editor

Sports writers for the Lansing State Journal fail to give Everett athletes credit when its due yet again, unless it has to do with football. Just last night, senior point guard Azalea Miller scored a game high 30 points for the Lady Vikings in their season opener at Dewitt. On Twitter, many reporters were tweeting other scores and players that lead their team in scoring, but none about Miller. Granted the girls team hasn’t been very successful in the win column in the past years, but they’re making their way in that direction. All I’m saying is that whether you go to Grand Ledge or to Everett, give the people/players credit when they’ve earned it.

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One thought on “Your Voice: LSJ writers don’t give Everett enough credit

  • December 9, 2013 at 11:20 am

    The Lansing State Journal. Never says anything nice about the Lansing School District. The LSJ always have to point out the negative but not the good. This does not surprise at all about the LSJ. They should recognize the players that deserve the credit.


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