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Kasey Robinson


Mrs. Collins is from Muskegon MI
Her love for art started at the age of 5 when she and her brother got in trouble for acting like they were smoking. So as punishment her mom sat her at her table and gave her a piece of paper and a pencil. As she sat there she looked at her moms fashion magazines and started to draw the picture in full detail from the head down to the shoes.
Ever since then she has been wanted to work as an art teacher so she could help students express their creativity.
“I’m hoping students will dream big, because those dreams do come true,” said Collins.
She majored in art and secondaries in education. Until her senior year when she student interned at a school in flint and saw that teaching was very disciplinary and that was the complete opposite of what she wanted to do, so she gave up school.
For 13 years she was out of school as she took a job in the head start business.
She then moved to teaching art in preschool and they let her go back and finish school. She received her bachelors degree in 1991.
She then went to Adrian and did Montessori training and transferred to East Lansing and worked at Everett for two hours a day for a year. then received five hours a day the next year and from then on.
She has one son that she loves very much who actually attended Everett and graduated in 2004.
“It’s a real honor to be a mom and a teacher,” Said Collins.
Her parents taught her to work for everything she has, and she plans to teach students the same here.
She loves Everett very much and is very happy to be here.

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