Your Voice: Lunch ladies need to be treated with more respect

Corey Byron


The lunch ladies in the lunch room get treated horribly. Kids are leaving their food and trash at the table instead of cleaning it up. Students make the lunch ladies clean it up because it’s their job and they can’t do anything about it. This is just wrong.
The lunch ladies are so nice to people by taking care of their trash and being polite and using their manners. They don’t have to be nice, but they choose to. Some kids mouth back to the lunch ladies like they are better than everybody else. Like they will say,
“Pick up my trash” or “I won’t take care of my trash it’s not my job.”
Kids in Everett need to be respectful and nicer to the lunch ladies. They are human beings, just like the students. They just want to be treated with more respect.
“Some kids treat us well but, some of them treat us like we’re their slaves,” said Nicki one of the lunch ladies.
The kids need to be nicer and treat the lunch ladies nicer. If they don’t, they should get lunch detention. Being treated like less than human should not be a part of a lunch worker’s job description.

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