Your Voice: CMT program is beneficial to students

Kasey Robinson


The EMT people from the CMT program are here. They are in charge of the nursing program that involves all the Lansing high schools for students that may want to go into nursing as their future career. Students leave school every day to go to sexton to attend classes for three hours. They learn different things the nurses have to do like the proper way to wash your hands, and CPR.
It counts for one math credit, or one English credit and two elective credits.
Only juniors and seniors are allowed to join the program.
I think this is a great program to get into because it would look great on college applications along with teaching you something new. Especially if you are interested in nursing, this may be the program for you. If you would like to join in on this amazing opportunity then you should talk to your counselor to see if you are able to join.

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