Your Voice: Thanksgiving isn’t pleasant for everyone

Jhalycia Smith

Social Media Editor

Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to gather round and unite as a family. It gives family members who live in different states to reminisce about old times and are thankful for their family. But people who don’t have the finances or have big family could find this holiday more depressing than happy.

I have the best of both worlds when it comes to Thanksgiving. I get to enjoy delicious food from all different family members on my mom and dad’s side. My mom always cooks a big feast and we invite close friend and family to join. Then I go with my dad to enjoy my grandma’s famous cakes and pies. We take pictures and enjoy each other’s company.

Holidays like Thanksgiving shouldn’t be treated lightly; for some people it’s one of the few times a year you see your family members. Other people take Thanksgiving differently; loneliness plays a big part if your parents are separated. Some students can’t get the full “family” experience without both parents.

Whether you’re surrounded by family, or spending Thanksgiving on your own, this holiday is a chance to reflect. And whether it’s easy to find things to give thanks for, or it’s a struggle to be thankful, we hope you can look at the year past and find at least one thing to be thankful for, and share it with someone. Share it around the dinner table, or share it on Twitter. Taking the time to think about the positive things in our lives can often change our outlook on many of life’s negatives.

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