Your Opinion: Short people at Silver Bells

Britani Gibson


Silver bells is coming up. It’s Lansing’s most visited event. You get to watch the floats go by, and watch school’s marching bands play. It’s free, and it’s right downtown. It’s very fun to attend but if you’re short it’s very hard to see with so many people.
Short people should be in the front, or at least have rights to be in the front during the parade. With all these tall people in the front it really sucks when you’re trying to see the floats and you can’t. For Silver Bells, they should have bleachers along the side for people to sit down and also to be able to see.
When I went last year, it was very difficult to see with all the tall people in the front. You would have to come super early just to get in the front to be able to see, and no one wants to stand outside in the cold longer than you have to with it being the start of winter.
With thousands of people coming to watch the parade, I understand that it’s going to be hard to see in some cases. However, with that many people coming, they should consider handling the crowd better for people so that everyone can see.
I don’t expect for this problem to be fixed this year, but by next year something should be done about this. It’s not fun when you can’t see the floats, when the whole reason you went there was to watch them go by.

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