Snapshot: Holly Triestram

Shania Campbell


School social worker Holly Triestram has two master degrees in sociology: social working, and social science administration from two different schools, MSU and Case Western Reserve University. In addition, she is an in-home mental health therapist.
Her work at Everett can get stressful or time consuming, as she has a life outside of work.
“Sometimes it can get hard because I have children and a husband. But I feel like it’s a calling, I want to impact lives,” said Triestram.
She has to be at the school until 3:00. If she gets a call, she can’t just leave or decide that she needs to attend to her private practice. It is important that she keeps both jobs to their certain times.
“I can’t just leave for my private practice. I have to keep them very separate,” said Triestram. “I also don’t see anyone connected to EHS due to ethical and moral reasons.”

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One thought on “Snapshot: Holly Triestram

  • November 20, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    Holly is an awesome woman! She worked with my son almost 6 years and when I see her at other events , she is still amazing!! We love you holly!!❤️


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