Play about bullying encourages students to ‘take a stand’

Katrina Turner

News Editor

Today the Wharton Center held a presentation of “The shape of a girl.” In this one woman play, written by Joan MacLeod, actress Paige Hernandez expresses the difficulties of being a teen and doing what is right. The play shows the story of a girl bullied to death by her peers. In the play ‘Braidie’ is faced with the guilt of tormenting another with her closest friends. After ‘Sophie’ the girl who was being bullied, gets severely injured, Braidie decides enough is enough and goes to an adult for help. The play shows both the bullied, and the bully’s perspectives on the subject of harassment, and how things that seem harmless can easily become very dangerous.
“I think it has a really good message to teach,” said theater teacher Jim Allen.
Multiple classes and clubs from Everett, and other schools all around Lansing went to enjoy the play. Students of all ages observed the play, and took advantage of the question and answer section at the end. Students were able to ask Paige, a psychology major, and the director of the play questions about bullying situations and peer pressure. Paige and Dr.Saad went over what bystanders should do, the options they have, and reminded every student and teacher that they are never alone.
“At the end, when it showed that all the girls were once friends and all play together was the best part,” said sophomore LeAnte Thompson.

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