Students love the physics bowling ball experiment

Britani Gibson


The bowling ball rolls down the hallway, bouncing off the lockers as it goes. Physics students spent the hour last Wednesday pretending the second floor was Metro Bowl.
Sounds fun, right? But it’s not just about seeing a bowling ball roll down the hallway, it’s more than that.
“I’ve been doing this activity around 15 years. This demonstrates inertia and Newton’s first law of motion. I hope this helps them understand and gives them a memory at least, of what the bowling ball was doing as they think about inertia,” said Mitchell Foster Physics teacher.
Students find that this activity does help them visually, because they see what’s going on, rather than just being told.
“The bowling ball activity helped me because when he put force on the bowling ball and rolled it down the hallway, it stayed in motion because of the inertia it had and kept rolling down the hallway,” said Sophomore Victoria Guardiola.

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