Everett football season comes to a close

Britani Gibson


The end is here for all of Everett’s football players. Where the football stadium becomes empty, the sounds of the Friday night fans are now silent. For the seniors, this was their last season playing football on Everett’s field.
“it hurts knowing that I’ll never play with my friends ever again, it really hurts,” Said senior Anferny Bradley.
Throughout the season the record was 6-3, enough wins to make it to the playoffs. The Portage game last Friday was a far game to attend, but many students rode the spirit bus. The turnout of that game was 38-6. Unfortunately, that made it the end for the Vikings, with the record now being 6-4.
“I feel like we could have had a better season than we did. As a team we didn’t play to our highest potential. I’m happy we made it to the playoffs, but making it to the playoffs wasn’t enough,” said junior Marvin Wright.
On the up side, we always have next year to be bigger and bolder than we were this year.
“I think next year will be a great season for us and well make it to the championship and if we don’t the season is a failure,” said Wright.

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