Your Voice: Halloween spirit is slowly fading

Haley Buskulic

Opinion Editor

Halloween was always something kids looked forward to. They planned their costumes a month in advance and made sure they would have it ready to wear a week before. Kids spent time on their costumes back then. They didn’t just go to a store and buy whatever one looked the coolest.
Now a days kids don’t put effort in their costumes they just care about the candy, which is understandable, but there should be more to it.
My family always went as a big group trick-or-treating and we had fun. Now parents are too lazy or busy to take their kids so they go alone or with a friend.
Even the way schools view Halloween has changed. They used to support it and do fun activities but now they don’t because not every culture participates in Halloween. Well is it fair to ignore Halloween activities just because some kids don’t want to be apart of it?
Everything has changed these past years and kids don’t act like they used to. They don’t get excited like they used to. They don’t participate like they used to. They don’t act like normal kids anymore!
I still get excited for Halloween and I don’t even go trick-or-treating anymore. The feeling of fall and the idea of getting dressed up to have fun is amazing. High school kids might think they are too old for trick-or-treating but they can still have fun.
Teenagers and young adults can have a Halloween party with games, food, and treats. The things you can do on Halloween are endless.
I hope kids start to enjoy Halloween a little more because if they don’t then by the times those kids have kids of their own, Halloween will be just another day.
I won’t let Halloween die, and the way I’m going to save Halloween is by participating in the Halloween traditions. Will you help save Halloween?

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