Witnesses to a victory: quotes from a tense make-or-break varsity win

Xavier Couthen congratulates Kaylynn Williams after a close victory over Jackson, 36-35.


Brianna Billard

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The score was 36-35, Jackson in the lead with 4 minutes and 30 seconds left in the game.
Lucas Barner threw the winning touchdown pass to Leondre (Damon) Terry, followed by a 2 point conversion. The team, the coaches, the crowd, the band, and the cheerleaders went crazy. Everyone knew from that moment, that Everett High School had made the playoffs for the second year in a row.

“I feel as if we played together more than ever because of senior night, and we know how bad they wanted and worked for it,” said Bryan Jones junior.

“After Jackson scored and got ahead, there were so many heads down and I remember seeing just before a play, Jacob Odom started to cry and I told him, and myself that the game wasn’t being played for me, it was being played for them (the seniors),” said Jones.

“I think we did pretty good tonight, not the way that the we wanted to do it, but we’re in the playoffs and that’s all that really matters,” said Xavier Couthen senior.

“When Jackson made that touchdown, I knew we were about to score right back on them, with no doubt in my mind,” said Nique Wilson senior.

“When Damon scored I was on the sideline with my helmet off because I was hurt, but I knew once I saw it, that he sealed the deal. Everyone was happy and it was amazing because we made it,” said Jones.

“While the ball was in the air all I heard was silence but when he (Damon) caught it, the crowd got loud,” said Wilson.

“It felt beyond amazing and just good to know people believed in us even though at times we may not have believed in ourselves,” said Jones.

“We persevered and came together as a unit to get the victory,” said Lucas Barner senior.

“We Made It. And We Plan To Keep Going,” said Jones

“We were all pumped. The thing about us is that when one scores we all score. We have a team full of the most unselfish guys around,” said Couthen.

“I was just thinking “oh my god we did it, we came back” and that we were going to the playoffs,” said Barner.
“It feels great knowing that our season isn’t over. A lot of people doubted us after our loss to Sexton, and then hearing that Jackson had beaten Holt, but we fought through it and pulled out the win,” said Barner.

“I feel like I did what I needed to do in order for our team to achieve success. But also my receivers made big catches in crucial times. I’m very proud of the way the guys came together,” said Barner.

“(When Jackson scored) I was thinking that we’ve got a lot of time to drive to get a touchdown. They hadn’t stop us all game so I wasn’t that worried, and we had to win it for the seniors,” said Marvin Wright.

“Basically, I knew the pressure was on the offense to put points on the board. Kalynn made a great play, and I knew Lucas was going to come through like he always does,” said Leondre (Damon) Terry.

“(When Jackson scored) I was at a lost for words, I didn’t know how to react. I was so emotional, but everyone kept saying “we’re alright, it’s not over, we got it!”,” said Jacob Odom senior.

“(When I caught the winning pass) I heard the crowd. I had a numerous amount of feelings but before all, I was just ready to celebrate with my team. I played that game for the Seniors, as did the rest of the underclassmen,” said Terry.

“it feels incredible! (making it to the playoffs) I really don’t want the season to ever end,” said Odom.

“It felt good (the encouragement from the stands) To have all those fans support us through the wins and losses, it was definitely encouraging,” said Terry.

“I feel like I played good, I could of made more plays on defense but we won so that’s all that matters,” said Wright.

“Just a special shout-out to the seniors, they definitely came and played. And I love them all,” said Terry.

“Every single person on this team means the world to me, I love every single one of them so much. This is the best team I’ve ever played for,” said Odom.

“It was crazy (when Damon scored) I’ve never had a feeling like that before. The band and the crowd were so loud and we all just gave him a big hug and said we need to finish the game with a stop” said Wright.

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