Senior band night is a success

Chris Buckner


On Friday night, it was senior night. The seniors in band, football, and cheer-leading are announced, and they tell where they want to go to college, and what they plan to have as a career. The band also played a collage of some of the songs they played over the years. This year the band played Bad Romance, All I Do Is Win, Give Me Everything Tonight, and Some Nights.
With the band, they start off after school with a pizza party, and get to march the game that night wearing whatever they choose. In previous years, people have worn morph suits, costumes, and even common attire. It is a chance for the people who have stuck with the band for all 4 years of their high school career to kick back, relax, and enjoy themselves.
Its a night of many tears, and memories, as it is the last conference game of the year, and the last normal season game that the seniors in band will march.

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