Wrist injury dampens start to upcoming basketball season

Azalea Miller

Features Editor

As a freshman coming from Gardner Middle school Victoria Gaurdiola had always been an athlete. Upon arrival to Everett, Gaurdiola played freshman volleyball and in the winter started as shooting guard on the girls’ basketball team.
Rolling into her second year at Everett she became a member of the girls’ volleyball team. Although she was dedicated to every sport she played she continued to improve and get better for basketball season. On a regular Wednesday night Gaurdiola went to school, went to practice, and later went to open gym like she normally did. But, what happened to Gaurdiola wasn’t just normal.
“It was so nasty, I was afraid I was going to get hurt so I just stopped playing,” said senior Nina Foster. On a transition lay-up Gaurdiola was in mid-air and got tackled out the air.
“I thought she fell on her shoulder at first,” said Foster.
When Gaurdiola got up and looked at her wrist she couldn’t do anything, but try to remain calm and take deep breaths.
“I would’ve quit too if i seen that happen. I don’t know how Louisville continued playing after that happened to Kevin Ware,” said junior Rhett Blackman.
What happened to Kevin Ware was similar to what happened to Gaurdiola.
“We took her straight to the hospital to see that a bone moved from her arm to her wrist it was was frightening. They did a closed surgery to move the bone back into place then casted her arm. She will have to see the orthopedic surgeon,” said Gaurdiola’s mom Amy Gaurdiola. “Victoria is a strong girl and God has his hand on her I know she will be back on the court soon,” said Amy.

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