Varsity soccer expectations

Juan Ramirez


As the 2013 boy’s soccer season is underway the team goes into it with high hopes of coming out with silverware.
Last year, the team had a rough season, barely winning any games and not performing at the level players were happy with.
“Last year we weren’t into it and players were not committed to training so when it came to game time no one was ready to perform,” said junior Travon Rogers.
As head coach Scott Wesley goes into his second year of coaching at Everett, he’s noticed a difference in this year’s squad.
“The biggest difference from last year’s team is our confidence and belief that we can beat the schools that historically, we have not,” said Wesley.
The first big game of the season was underway when Everett visited Okemos, the sixth ranked team in the state. The team fought hard, but still lost 1-0.
The Vikings showed they are very competitive and won’t be easy for any team.
“We can compete with anyone in the state right now, as we showed against #6 Okemos,” said Wesley.
The only problem the team is facing this season is the lack of depth in the squad.
With time, the starting 11 should be in top shape and this will not be a problem anymore, unless of course injuries happen, which in a physical contact sport like soccer, it could.
“Since we lack in depth of players it is important that our starters can stay healthy,” said senior Chucho Garcia.
The season just started, but the team has short and long term goals for the season. With hard work they should be able to accomplish them.
“The ultimate goal is to win a state championship, mid range goals are to beat traditional powerhouse teams and to win a conference championship,” said Wesley.

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