Your Voice: Talk to the text is a waste of time

Britani Gibson


Everett High School is trying a new thing this year called “talking to the text.” I think its dumb and I don’t understand the concept of it. They say it’s helping us comprehend the text and know what we just read. But like I said, it’s not helping.

For me, talking to the text does nothing but interrupt my train of thought while reading, to write down what I’m thinking gets me off track. If I just read the whole passage, I comprehend better than writing down stuff that I’m thinking. It does nothing but throw me off.

Also, the teachers tell us to write more of what we’re thinking. They don’t know how much I was thinking, so telling me to write more, or I didn’t write enough is dumb too. I don’t see how we can talk to the text on a math problem either. Its not even relevant. If we only had to do it in English class it would be better because its actually relevant to what we’re doing. Doing it in history, math, and science though? Irrelevant. Maybe I just don’t get it, but I don’t like it.


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