Your Voice: Disrespectful students becoming more of a problem

Haley Buskulic

Opinion Editor

Each year students become more disrespectful and careless. Things are changing and not in the right direction.

It seems as if each generation loses manners and morals. “If I talked to my teachers the way some freshman do now, I would expect a call home and then I’d be grounded,” said junior Donald Van Arsdall.

Teachers even notice how rude students are becoming. “I’ve been a teacher for a long time and it seems that each year I have to deal with more disrespect from my students,” said math teacher Eric Hartley.

It isn’t that hard to respect a person preparing you for college. All teachers do is help students, and yes, some teachers aren’t the best. But the teachers that are actually dedicated to their job deserve to have respect and feel like they are making a difference in their students lives.

How would you feel if you were passionate about helping others and you couldn’t because they didn’t give you a chance?

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