Your Voice: Freshman need to find their viking pride

Brianna Billard

Online Editor

Incoming freshman are in a brand new environment with new staff, peers, administrators, rules and expectations. It’s a stressful, yet exciting time. Every year, during the Fall pep rally, the Freshmen are quiet, and don’t seem to really know what’s going on. The Freshmen don’t want to participate because they’re new and scared. What they don’t understand is that the more school spirit you have (as a freshman), the more respect you’ll get from upper classmen.

Spirit week is a really big thing here at Everett High School. A lot of people participate, and those who do, usually get put in the school’s newspaper or yearbook, and sometimes both. Wacky Wednesday, pajama day, western day, ugly sweater day, transgender day, we have different themes every year and it’s a blast if you choose to join in. There’s two weeks out of the year you get to be completely weird. Freshmen, Friday night football games are a great time, but they’re even more fun when you sit in the student section, and have as much school spirit as possible; especially at home games.

Everett always has themes for each home game, such as camo, neon, and one solid color. If you follow the the themes, it makes everything so much more fun. It might be scary at first to sit with upper classmen, they’re pretty intimidating, but we’re all at the games for the same reason, to support our school as best as we can.

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