Your Voice: LSD should revise dress code

Everett has a dress code where shorts have to be fingertip length, even if you have leggings on under them. You also can’t have your shoulders showing. Administration is cracking down on females especially about this dress code. The Lansing School District dress code needs to be revised, some of these rules are ridiculous!
I can wear leggings all year long, nothing on top of them, but administration is telling me that if I put short shorts over my plain leggings, they’re going to send me home? I don’t think so. That rule is absolutely ridiculous. They also say that the way your body is built has nothing to do with the rule, but I beg to differ. I could have really long arms almost down to my knees, where someone else could have arms barely past their rear, and both of our shorts are dress code. This rule is unjust.
The males at Everett have been wearing shirts that show as much shoulder skin as females. Yet the boys seem to not get in nearly as much trouble as the girls. A male freshman wore a pair of short shorts on a hot day to prove a point, the shorts were not past his fingertips and he was not dress coded. This rule is sexist and it’s not being enforced to the male population of Everett High School.
I understand that you can’t catch everybody, and I understand that this is a district wide policy and administration can’t do anything to change the dress code. On the other hand, if you’re going to enforce the dress code, enforce it on the entire school. It is unjust, and sexist to enforce it on just females.
The Lansing School District should revise the dress code and make it so that the fingertips rule is replaced by a ¾ of the leg rule, or something of that sort. A week or so ago, all of the females were called down for a meeting and the boys weren’t. The boys should be called down as well. Enforce the rules on everyone, not just a specific group of people.
Brianna Billard, ‘14

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