Your Voice: Friendships change in high school

Haley Buskulic

Throughout middle school we have friends and like to think we’ll stay friends in high school, but sometimes you don’t. People change for better and worse. Is it a bad thing that you lose old friends and gain new ones? Not at all, because then you will witness new experiences.
Friends are a major part of high school because that’s when most people meet their “life long friends.” Freshman year most people make a big transformation from middle schooler to high schooler, in that process you lose and gain friends.
Freshman year you start to meet new people and you get put into a clique. Over the years you and your preferences change, therefore your friend choices do too.
High school is where I met all of my true friends. High school relationships are on and off roller coasters. Ending a friendship can be harder than a bad break up. Friends are supposed to be there for you when you’re going through a life crisis.
People you’ve been friends with since elementary school change and can turn into your enemies, and it can be hard for people in high school to make new friends because you have to let your guard down all over again. But you can’t just shut down. How will you experience new things if you only hang out with the same group of people your whole life?
If you’re in a clique that isn’t the best for you and your goals, then maybe you need to go out and find new friends. You can’t let your bad choice in friends get you behind in school. Graduating high school with grades that will get you into a nice college is more important than having fun and getting into trouble with some friends.
Graduation is coming for seniors and you would like to take your high school buddies with you in life, but it becomes difficult when you have different goals and dreams. Real life isn’t about friends, it’s time to focus on you. Don’t dwell on friendships ending because you will be able to focus your life on track.
For seniors, once they graduate it’s like freshman year all over again. You have to get out and meet new people but now it’s time to focus on your education and then you’ll attract the right people.

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