Your Voice: Attendance policy needs to be changed

The attendance policy at Everett High School is fairly strict. Students are allowed 10 absences per semester, and two tardies equal out to an absence. I think the policy is unfair and unreasonable.
Some students can’t help but to be late to class for reasons out of their control like bad weather and transportation issues. Others gain absences because of bad health and family reasons. It’s also hard to make it on time to some classes when they are so far away, and the halls are so crowded. Students do their best to get to class on time, but when people block the halls, then it is nearly impossible to do so. Some teachers are very strict, and give you a tardy if you come a couple of seconds late to class. Even if you have an A in the class, you can fail from absences, which is very unfair to students who work hard to get good grades.
We need an attendance policy to ensure that students make it to school, you can’t get too lenient when making an important rule. The attendance policy is here to help students, not hurt them.The LSD did a good job with the attendance policy, but they made it a bit hard to accommodate into a student’s personal life.
To make the attendance policy work, teachers and students need to work together to make sure a student doesn’t fail from absences or tardies. Teachers could leave the door open a few minutes after the tardy bell rings, and offer absence make ups after school. Students could try alternate routes on their way to class. If everyone tried to help, then I think the attendance policy could work.
Katrina Turner, ‘14

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