Our Voice: Dress code restricts students

Dress code is a standard thing for a high school to have, but sometimes it can be taken too far. It seems that nothing in our wardrobes is “school appropriate” anymore, and many students are being sent home when they could be in class learning instead.
Shorts lengths are being micromanaged, to the point at which students are being stopped in the hallways to prove that their shorts end at their fingertips, and shoulders are forbidden to be shown.
Some of the dress code requests are reasonable: rules like no see-through tops without something underneath and no underwear showing. It’s pretty unanimously agreed upon that that is not school appropriate and students and faculty should not have to see that while they are at school. But does it truly matter if someone’s shorts are at fingertip length as long as their body is covered properly? As long as students are appropriately covering their bodies (no cleavage, underwear, or backside obviously showing), it shouldn’t matter if shorts are just slightly shorter than fingertip length or if someone’s shoulders are showing.
When students are stopped in the hallways due to dress code and made late to class as a result, they are missing out on learning opportunities as well as accumulating absences, something some students can not afford to do if they plan to graduate. Traffic in the hallway also slows because students are often stopped right in the middle of the hallway.
Students should only be required to change if their cleavage, bottoms, and underwear are showing. When it’s hot out, female students are going to wear shorts and tank tops. Male students might wear tank tops as well. It is unreasonable to ask them to cover up (especially if it’s hot outside) if they are not showing off body parts that they shouldn’t be showing in a school environment.

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