Marching band surprises attendees at MSU conference

Brianna Billard

Marching band season ended in November, but that doesn’t mean the band ever stops performing. Just last week, band director Ben Baldwin and the marching band students received a standing ovation when they performed for about 1,000 people at MSU’s Kellogg Center.
The band was performing for the Michigan College access network, a program that aims to increase the number of people in Michigan colleges. The MCAN invited Everett’s marching band to come play April 29 as an act for a conference meeting.
Everett’s band was a total surprise to the audience.
“There were about 1,000 people there, the guests didn’t know that we were coming,” said Baldwin.
The students really enjoyed doing the performance.
“It was entertaining. Everybody was so happy that we came. I was proud of myself because I had an audience,” said sophomore Anthonee Caston.
The invitation to perform came from one of the members of MCAN, who saw Everett play last fall.
“We played for the Michigan Democratic Convention, Sarah Anthony saw us there and invited us to play here,” said Baldwin.
Some students didn’t like it and thought it was a waste of time.
“We played for ten minutes and left, it was uncomfortably hot, and we spent most of our time outside,” said junior Corey Byron.
The band played a little bit better than they normally play.
“We played stronger than usual. I think they were hyped up from the standing ovation from our fight song,” said Baldwin.
Students say they didn’t feel they played as well as they usually do.
“We usually do better, but we’re in concert season right now so we’re not practicing as much as we do during marching season,” said sophomore Shane Monroe.
Baldwin said the band picks up as many gigs as they can, they get more publicity that way.
“Any time we can perform in public, it’s fun; so we do it often,” said Baldwin.
For seniors, this was one of the last high school gigs.
“It was a nice end-of-the-year thing to do, it was a good kick off to the marching season,” said Baldwin.

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