Bad girls club a reality hit

 Janelle Lewis

You are watching T.V and you see a commercial of a 10-second girl fight, and your first thought is “When does this show come on?” From the start of this commercial you haven’t blinked. When the date and time is announced, that show is on your mind for the rest of the week. Reality TV is taking over and becoming a main priority for many students.
More and more TV shows only want to grab people’s attention with the harsh drama. A well known “girl fight show” is Bad Girls Club. Season 10 just started, which chronicles fights between seven girls, has intense language and the backstabbing has already begun.
“The drama is interesting, and for it not to be my drama, it’s way better and gets my mind off of my life”, said senior Julie Oveido.
The producers of reality TV always try to have a positive outcome of the season, like the typical line “I became a better person at the end of the season.” Usually at the reunion after all the fighting and language, the host goes around and ask how have they changed throughout the season. Is that really true or do they just say it for the ratings and money?

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