Sweeney Todd: The thriller musical about the demon barber of Fleet Street

Myloc Nguyen and Steven Atkin play Anthony and Johanna, a traveler from London and Sweeney Todd’s daughter.

Lindsay July

That directive stares down at cars from billboards around Lansing, a not-so-gentle reminder that Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is coming to the Everett stage.
Sweeney Todd is a very dark story of a guy named Benjamin Barker who was convicted of a crime and after 15 years returns to his home in London, with his new name Sweeney Todd. He seeks revenge on Judge Turpin, who falsely accused him and sent him away from his wife, Lucy, and his child Johanna. Sweeney Todd ends up killing people in his old barber shop, now turned meat pie shop, where the corpses are turned into meat pies by the shop owner Mrs. Lovett. It was made into a movie a few years ago starring Johnny Depp.
“I choose this musical because kids were interested in it,” said director Jim Allen.
People familiar with the movie may think it will be violent.
“The play will not be like the movie, so it won’t be bloody,” said Allen. “It will be like the other play productions of Sweeney Todd.”
As in the past, Everett is working with a hired actor. Ben Degeroot will play the title role of Sweeney Todd.
People may have problems with the fact that murders happen in the play.
“This is probably not enjoyable for all ages because of the storyline,” said junior Alyssa Bos.
Other students do not think this is problem, as well as Mr. Allen.
“It is a strong subject matter, but people didn’t seem to have a problem with Rent,” said Allen.
People who will see this musical will go for different reasons.
“People will probably see it cause they know people (in the show),” said Bos. “That’s why I want to go.”
The play will happen in the large auditorium on April 19-20 and April 26-27. The cost will be $5 for adults and $3 for students.

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