Seniors give helpful advice on how to survive next year

Thailia Esparaza
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Many underclassmen are stressing out about how to survive the next year. Many seniors were once in the same situation, and have wise words to share with the young ones.
“Keep ahead of your work, don’t be afraid to ask questions, thug it out until your last year,” said senior Devyn Clark.
Many underclassmen are scared of the toughness of work that is to come. hey fear they won’t understand that work. The idea of not getting behind is shared by many seniors, like Xavier Brown.
“Stay on top of your work, it’ll hurt you in the long run if you don’t,” Brown.
As a freshmen, senior year seems a long ways away. But seniors will tell you that freshman year is the time to stay focused, so that senior year the hard work pays off.
“(If someone had told me to stay focused as a freshman), my GPA would have been better than it is now,” said Brown.
Staying on top of your grades can also mean avoiding after-school classes like credit recovery.
“(I wish) I would’ve done better, (and) gotten higher grades,” said senior Miguel Gomez. ] Some seniors said they wanted underclassmen to be sure they take advantage of academic opportunities at Everett.
“I wish I had (been given more) advice on the college value of AP classes,” said senior Nic Hiner.
In the end, the advice from seniors always comes back to focus and effort.
“Follow your dreams, work hard,” said senior Codi Stockenauer. “Everybody has big dreams, but no one wants to put effort towards it.”

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