Your Voice: Teachers are too worried about PDA

Teachers at Everett High School are too worried and uptight about Public Displays of Affection (PDA). In the Student Handbook under Obscene or Lewd Behavior it states, “engaging in conduct of a sexual nature regardless of consent.”
Teachers see the smallest acts of affection as over the top. For example, teachers will stare at students that hug for over 5 seconds or kiss each other on the cheek. Those acts are very small and teachers shouldn’t glare at students over something so little.
Also, students feel that they have to go hide in the stairway to give their boyfriend or girlfriend a hug and a kiss goodbye. They feel like a simple kiss on the lips will get them sent to the office. For example, every time I walk on the stairs to get to a class, I see a couple kissing or hugging.
It is understandable for teachers to be worried over PDA if it’s a big thing like making out in the hallway but little things like a quick kiss or hug shouldn’t be a big deal.
Overall, teachers are too worried about small acts of PDA and students feel like they have to hide from teachers to show affection to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Teachers need to stop being so uptight over small acts of PDA and focus on bigger problems like students being tardy or skipping.
Alex Phinney, ‘15

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One thought on “Your Voice: Teachers are too worried about PDA

  • May 21, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    what teachers dont understand is we are not going to get “sexually aroused” over a kiss. Just like the dress codes. Students will not get “sexually aroused” if they see a shoulder. I think it is ridiculous.


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