Justin Bieber acoustic album a hit with fans

Justin Biebers acoustic “Believe” album was released January 29.

Tara Phan
Justin Bieber released his second album
on January 29, featuring eight acoustic covers from his platinum album Believe, along with three new ones. One song, “Nothing Like Us”, is explicitly about his breakup with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The album has already reached the top spot on the Billboard charts, making it JB’s fifth No.1 album in his four-year career. This has made the 18-year-old the youngest artist to ever hold the achievement.
In the past, Justin has had a lot of negative criticism.
“Anyone who says Justin Bieber can’t sing is lying to themselves,” said Freshman Tina Nguyen. “Listen to the acoustic Believe
album.. The amount of talent he has is crazy.”
The talented Biebs managed to turn one of his original upbeat songs, “Beauty And A Beat” ft Nicki Minaj, into a nice acoustic beat. “This has got to be one of the best things he’s ever done to his songs,” said Freshman Ana Guerro.
After linking a live acoustic performance
on youtube to twitter, more than 30 million fans were dying to hear more of Justin’s serenading voice. There was nothing better than taking his newly fresh songs and turning it into an even newer album knowing
his fans would be there to support.

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