Popular places to chillax around Lansing

Melanie Matchette
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You always hear that there’s nothing to do in Lansing, so you’re often stuck at home on weekends struggling to think of what to do or where to hang out. Lansing holds several local treasures that are perfect places for relaxing and hanging out with friends.

Coffee Hangouts:
Espresso Royale may not be as well known as Biggby Coffee or Starbucks, but this coffee spot is still a popular East Lansing hang-out. Espresso Royale offers free Wi-Fi, which suits students who want to drink coffee in a calm atmosphere while they work on their homework. They serve fairtrade and organic coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, hot chocolate, and various vegan-friendly baked goods.
With locations in Lansing, downtown Lansing, East Lansing, and Okemos, Biggby Coffee is another popular coffee shop that is a routine hang-out for Lansing residents. Biggby offers free wi-fi, comfortable places to sit, and a wide selection of lattes, coffee, mochas, tea, smoothies, baked goods, and sandwiches.
Junior Lexi Florinki, whose favorite Biggby treat is the cocoa carmella (caramel hot chocolate) loves the friendly Biggby environment and staff.
“(I like that) they’re local and the money stays in Michigan,” said Florinki.

Fun Hangouts:
Buffalo Wild Wings is an East Lansing hot spot for sports lovers. “B-Dubs” as it is often called, offers a comfortable place for people to watch sporting events while they enjoy boneless or traditional wings, available in a wide variety of sauces. Buffalo Wild Wings also offers other various appetizers, wraps, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.
“It’s a warm and friendly environment to hang with friends,” said senior Larry Covington. “Prices are a little high, but the food is high quality.”

Sweet Treats:
Bubble Island is a well-known and well-liked East Lansing hang-out, serving customizable tea drinks, smoothies, mochi ice cream, and other snacks. Customers can choose from green tea, calpico tea, or milk tea and add any flavor they want. They can then add colored or black bubbles, mango stars, or lychee jellies. Bubble Island has several comfortable seating areas and free Wi-Fi make it a perfect place to relax and drink tea.
“(Bubble Island is) a fun place to meet up where you could still try to get work done,” said senior Steven Atkin.
Sugar Berry, located near the Frandor Shopping Center, is an addition to the growing frozen yogurt, or “fro-yo”, craze. The pay-by-the-ounce frozen yogurt shop is set up in a buffet style with several flavors of frozen yogurt, including a tart original flavor. Frozen yogurt can be topped with any of their wide variety of toppings. Fruit, sprinkles, nuts, syrups, candy pieces, and more are available for toppings. Sugar Berry also offers free Wi-Fi for customers to get online while they eat their frozen yogurt. “It’s a nice hangout. It’s quiet and kind of homey,” said senior My-Loc Nguyen.
Sugar berry also has a location on the west side, next to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

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