Chris Brown vs. Frank Ocean: The fight is on!

Sum Huynh

Chris Brown is no stranger to physical altercation, as he is in the headlines for another fight, this time with R&B singer Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean’s and Chris Brown’s crew got into it at Westlake Studio in L.A on January 23. The fight started with Chris Brown parking in Ocean’s parking spot. Ocean told him, saying “this is my studio, this is my parking spot”. Senior, Jurell Barnes commented on the fight saying “the beef they had started in 2011 when Frank Ocean said Chris was the young Sisqo or Ike Turner of now.” Brown then tries to give him a handshake, but it was denied and it became an all-out brawl.

After the fight, both singers took the fight to social media sites. Brown took instagram as his defense and uploaded a picture of him and his crew in the studio. The caption in Brown’s picture said “Working on my album. Not working on negativity. Focus on feeding ya family. Bull—- will forever be in the shadows.” Ocean told his followers on Twitter “got jumped by Chris and a couple guys. lol. I only wish Everest was there.” Then he tweeted again saying “Cut my finger now, I can’t play with two hands at the Grammys. He performed at the Grammy’s with both hands even with the comment about the cut on his finger. He also obtained a standing ovation for Best Urban Contemporary Album, which Chris Brown clapped but remain seated.

Frank is trying to press charges on Brown for punching him and starting a brawl. Brown, who is currently on probation for his domestic violence against Rihanna, is reportedly wanted by police for questioning. Chris is open to talk to officers about the altercation because he felt he did nothing wrong, but images of Brown leaving his home with a cast on his arm was caught by TMZ. His lawyer has a surveillance tape of the last part of the fight, where Brown and Ocean were seen not throwing any punches, but the fight was between both crews. His lawyer said that Brown left the scene before the cops arrived on advice from his lawyer, who told him if we’re ever in trouble, he should leave immediately.

“The fight is stupid, I don’t really care, they both make good music still” said Senior, Cameron Esquivel. “I don’t think it is staged, both of them don’t have any albums coming out soon to get hyped up” said Esquivel.

Frank changed his mind and decided not to press charge or pursue a lawsuit. He wrote on his Tumblr, “As a child I thought if someone jumped me it would result in me murdering or mutilating a man. But as a man I am not a killer. I’m an artist and a modern person. I’ll choose sanity. No criminal charges. No civil lawsuit. Forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom. Peace, albeit trite, is what I want in my short life. Peace.”

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